Elwing Powerkit OLED remote control

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Warum Elwing Powerkit OLED remote control?

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The Powerkit OLED remote control is the latest generation of remote controls for all Elwing electric skates. It offers better control and advanced features in terms of settings and display.

The display shows real-time speed, battery level of the skate and remote control, selected ride mode, trip distance, skate mileage and direction.

Charging is done via a USB-C port (cable included).

Download the user guide

The Powerkit OLED remote control is compatible with the Powerkit, and backwards compatible with the 2019 versions.

The approval of your Elwing electric skateboard is done at the remote control: By choosing an approved remote control for your Powerkit, you will be able to ride on public roads in compliance with the highway code and local regulations. If you choose a SPORT remote control (not approved), your Powerkit will be equipped with an additional mode and the maximum speed will exceed the 25 Km/h allowed on the road.