29T Drive Gear Upgrade Kit Boardbumpers

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Warum 29T Drive Gear Upgrade Kit Boardbumpers?

The Street Wheel 29 Tooth Drive Gear Upgrade Kite - Fits Evolve GT & GTX will make your board even faster. Give your board a 40kph top speed making it the fastest electric skateboard on the market to date. The wheels shown in the images all fit our drive gear. 

Wheel Size            Tooth #              Speed

83mm                   Stock 32            36kph

83mm                   Upgrade 29        40kph

97mm                   Stock 32             42kph

97mm                   Upgrade 29         47kph


Wheels that fit:

Stock Evolve Drifter 83mm Wheels

Abec11 FlyWheels all sizes

BMS All Terrain Wheels

Board Bumper 97mm Flywheels - Top speed with these wheel 29mph | 47kph


The drive gear works by trading off acceleration for an increase in top speed. Rider weight and battery charge/voltage effects the achievable top speed.


Installation is simple. Just remove your stock drive gears from your wheels and reinstall. 3-6 supplied spacers may be required for proper fitment.


Quality: Our Version 2 drive gears are manufactured out of high strength Nylon plastic. Providing the same level of quality you would expect from Evolve.


Items included in order:

2x 29 Tooth Drive Gears 

2x Drive Belts 

2x Bearings

8x Spacers


Item Fits: GT Carbon, GT Bamboo, GTX, MAX X1, China Boards and Perfect For Most DIY Builds


NOTE: Series One board is not capable of achieving the same 40kph top speed because of the single motor drive. Though the top speed will be increased. 


Disclaimer: Board Bumpers is not responsible for any injury or death caused from the use of our Drive Gears and or Products. Installing this product onto your board increases its top speed and in return increases the chances of injury or death well riding your Evolve GT Electric Skateboard. Purchasing this product releases all liability from Board Bumpers and it's business owners. Using this product is at your own risk. All liability is the purchaser's responsibility. Always wear a helmet and protective equipment well riding your Evolve GT Electric Skateboard. Always remember to ride safe.