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Shred Lights Double Rear Aktion

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Why the Shred Lights Double Rear Aktion?

Shred all day, Shred all night!
Give yourself the safety of being seen on those late night carve sessions with the new water resistant Shredlights!
Included step mounting brackets for Evolve to install to the truck baseplates.
- Very bright (2 modes 80 lumens or 40 lumens)
- Fully Removable, easy to clip on and off, stay on bracket for sure
- IP54 Water Resistance Rating
- USB Rechargeable incl. USB twin charging cable
- Durable Rubber Casing
- CREE Led
- Wide Angle Lens

Pack of two with step brackets for mount on evolve boards and USB twin cable.
Can be mounted under the board and over the board in front, and rear lights over the board.