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Why the ONSRA E-SKATE Gloves?

The all new ONSRA E-Skate gloves are here! 

Designed by ONSRA specifically for Electric skateboarders. The fingerless ONSRA E-Skate Gloves feature palm sliders to avoid fractures of the scaphoid bone (or other wrist bones) when you bail. The breathable synthetic leather gives you the perfect controller grip you were always looking for! 

The double wrist straps offer enough stability to keep your wrist safe when you fall and still enough movement to be able to use your remote controller properly which is most important for electric skateboarders and longboarders. 

The knuckle protection doesn't seem important at first but when you fall you will most likely still use the breaks of your electric skateboard. That means when you fall the RC stays in your hand and you can comfortably fall onto your knuckles without damaging them.

Ride safe!


  • Fingerless
  • Palm Slider
  • Wrist Protection Insert
  • Knuckle Protection
  • Double Wrist Strap
  • Perfect Controller Grip
  • Breathable synthetic Leather