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ONSRA BLACK Carve FAST Charger 4.5A

Regular price SFr. 99.00

Why the ONSRA BLACK Carve FAST Charger 4.5A?

ignificantly reduce your charge time by 50% and get back to carving faster. 

  • Silent! 
  • 4.5A Super Fast


  • INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz 3.5A
  • OUTPUT: 50.4V - 4.5A
  • IP20
  • CE certified! 

⚠️ We recommend to not fully charge your board as it could decrease your range! This is meant to use on the go or if you simply wanna go for another ride faster. 

ONSRA of course has tested it and so far after 20 full charges we haven't felt any range differences yet. Don't worry too much but we think it's good to know and we wanna mention it! 


2.5A Charger you of course get with any board on our store. It's our standard charger and it's available here as well. 

  • Silent
  • 2.5A 3-4h Charging Time