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Why the 【New】Ripple Exway ENDLESS SUMMER RABATT -50?

【New】Ripple Exway

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Wir sind Exway Schweiz

Wir vertreten als Generalimporteur die Marke Exway in der Schweiz. Die Exway Skateboards zählen heute dank ihrer hohen Qualität, moderner Technik und sauberem Fahrverhalten zu den besten seiner Klasse und das mit einem sehr guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Wie erhältst du bei uns den Besten Service und Support für Exway.

Kauf auf Rechnung mit Teilzahlungsoption

Bei uns kannst du zuerst Testen und dan kaufen, komme bei uns vorbei auf eine Testfahrt und Beratung .

Mit nur 5,9 kg das leichtes E-Skateboard mit HUB  Antrieb.

Kategorie: eBoards
App: IOS, Android
Wasserschutz: IP53
Gewicht: 5,9 kg
Max. Steigungsgrad: 14°, 25%
Leistungsdaten: 672 Watt x2
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 25 kmh
Max. Reichweite: 12 km
Ladezeit: 1h
Motor: 672 Watt
Motortyp: Bürstenlos
Akku Kapazität: 99 Wh Air kompatibel 
Akkutyp: Lithium
Antriebsart: HUB
Bremse: mit Bremsenergie - Rückgewinnung
Bauform: Longboard
Deck Breite: 275 mm
Deck Länge: 780 mm
Reifenart: Gummi - Glatt
Straßenzulassung: Nein


Start Your Journey With Ripple

  • Small and portable - nimble steering and handling.
  • Built-in lights - multiple effects for style and safety.
  • Beyond the last mile - go where you need and keep going.
  • Multiple battery sizes which are flight friendly.

Expertly Sculpted Deck

Light & Portable

The Ripple is one of the lightest electric skateboards at just 13.1 lbs (5.9 kg).

Beginner Friendly

Easy to maneuver.
Stable reverse kingpin trucks.
Smooth throttle and brakes.

Pro Features

Suitable for advanced skaters also.
Compatible with surfskate trucks.
High-quality workmanship.

Light it Up

Integrated Lighting System.
RGB Ambient Lights - Different effects available. Also serve as status indicator.
Intuitive Brake Lights - Red taillights that light up while braking, just like a car.

75mm Street Wheels

High rebound urethane longboard wheels.
Lightweight and energy-efficient.
Predictable and smooth slides.

Refined Handling

Exway's acclaimed 7-inch trist trucks.
High rebound bushings.
Aircraft-grade aluminum.

Convenient & Long Lasting Battery

High quality 21700 cells that retain more than 80% capacity after 800 charge cycles.
Equipped with regenerative brakes, effectively increasing the range by 8%.

* While all airlines allow Li-ion batteries up to 100Wh in carry-on baggage, and most allow up to 160Wh, airlines may have their own specific regulations and requirements for the transport of Li-ion batteries and electronic devices. Check with your airline before traveling.
** Range estimates measured with a 154 lbs rider cruising at an average of 12.5 mph on a flat road.

1 Hour Fast Charge Supported

Ripple's standard 42W charger recharges the board from empty to full in 3 hours. Speed things up with the 170W GaN Fast Charger to recharge in just 1 hour. Chargers support AC 100-240V, in line with global voltage specifications. Advanced BMS ensures charging safety and longer battery life.

Small Size, Big Impact

Efficient and powerful hub motors.
Latest generation LY-FOC speed controller.
Smooth acceleration and braking.

Pocket-Size Remote Control

Pocket-Size Remote Control.
Ergonomic and comfortable.
Precise control in 4 speed modes.
OLED display with ride data.