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Exway Venator Semi-Slick 165mm Competition Tires

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Why the Exway Venator Semi-Slick 165mm Competition Tires?



Venator Semi-Slick Competition Tires


With high performance boards, the type of wheels used can present as a bottleneck to the rest of the system, such as in not having enough traction to handle large torquey motors. For such boards, including the Atlas Pro, we’ve got your back with the Venator competition tires.

Phenomenal Traction

At 165x70mm, these are the widest and grippiest pneumatic wheels made for the Atlas Pro. At 36kpa, the Venator Race Tires reach their maximum grip potential, keeping you and the board firmly planted to the ground in any situation. 

Shed the Wet and Shred On

Inspired by the design of F1 semi-slick tires, the Venators are capable of dispersing impressive quantities of water without sacrificing dry grip thanks to water shedding channels and super sticky rubber compound.

Super Long Wearing

Intense sessions on the racetracks put wheels through long periods of stress and fatigue, which usually results in a very high rate of wear. The Venator Race Tires are made extra thick with a long-wearing rubber compound to combat the high wear rate and increase durability.

Quick-Release Precision Hubs (Wide Version)

The Venator Race Wheels come with a wider version of the high-performance Precision Hubs that pair extremely well with wider profile tires. Wider wheels benefit from a larger contact patch with the ground and less tire deformation, both vital to maximizing traction.