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Keilriemen Evolve GT/GTR/Hadean

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Why the Keilriemen Evolve GT/GTR/Hadean?

Antriebsriemen GT/ GTR/Hadean

Evolve Drive Belts

- für GT Carbon Street, GT Bamboo Street, GTX Bamboo Street, GTR,Hadean


  • 66T / GT-001 - Stock size belt for 175mm (7") tyres with 66T gear (Stock All Terrain boards)
  • 47T / GT-006 - Stock size belt for 150mm (6") tyres with 47T gear
  • 32T / GT-003 - Stock size for Evolve Boards Gen3 and newer (GT, GTX, ONE, GTR, Stoke)
  • 38T / GT-004 - Used with larger 38T gear more higher torque, lower top speed. Best when used with larger wheels (107mm).