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1Protect Full Finger Gloves

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Why the 1Protect Full Finger Gloves?

NOTE: 1Protect Gloves are very popular and the size you desire may be out of stock currently. We will be restocking all sizes around July 15th.  You may place an order for an out of stock size and we will ship immediately when we restock OR if you do not want to wait we suggest that you contact one of our many retailers online or in your local area as they may have your desired size in stock and ship much faster then us. 



Why 1 protect gloves?

Lightweight hand protection for Onewheel®, Esk8, Skateboarding and Electric Unicycle riders

Perfect gloves for Long Distance Skateboard Riders

Ability to use your phone with gloves on

Ability to use your hands while still protecting them

Doubled up fabric on thumb for extra protection

Comfortable mesh uppers

Knuckle protection

Pull tabs on each finger for easy removal in all conditions

1 set of removable hard TPU palm pucks

1 set of removable soft palm pucks

Made specifically to protect E-skate, Onewheel®, EUC and LDP longboard riders

Designed especially to be able to hold electric skateboarding controls and similar devices without interference while riding

1Protect perfect fit guarantee (Too big or small? We replace it!)

Perfect fit guarantee: Not sure what size glove you wear? Do not worry or stress. Glove sizing is tricky and measurements are a good guess at best. We understand all hands are different. If the size you pick does not work for you we will exchange it for a different size at no cost. We want all of our customers to have the best fitting glove possible. Use the chart above to estimate your size. If you measure towards the top of a range go for the next size up. For example, an 8" measurement would mean Medium would most likely be your best fit. 

DISCLAIMER: No glove can protect you from all types of crashes. 1Protect has tested our gloves in a variety of conditions and we strive to make the best possible glove for riders looking to reduce their chance of injury. 1Protect makes no guarantees of protecting you in the event of an accident. These gloves are not wrist guards or safety devices. They do not guarantee to protect the rider in any specific way. Skateboarding, Onewheeling, and all sports of any kind are dangerous. We highly recommend you always wear a helmet and take personal responsibility for your safety on each and every ride.