Exway AUXPack

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Warum Exway AUXPack?

Exway AUXPack

Flexible Yet Unbreakable

The custom ratcheting strap used for mounting has a tensile strength of over 500kg, and the ratcheting mechanism makes mounting quick and easy. The flexible nature of the connection helps damp out large shocks while keeping the pack securely attached.

Thick Padded Soles

Like a pair of good running shoes, the rubber soles cushion the pack from shocks and vibrations, and keeps the pack from shifting around.

Atlas Pro Battery Cover for AUXPack

Made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, the custom battery cover adds a port for the AUXPack's connection. Otherwise identical to the standard cover, replacement is as easy as removing and reinstalling the screws.

Just One Connector

Rated for 140A continuous, the waterproof main connector between the AUXPack and Atlas Pro transmits data and power between the two efficiently and effectively.

Unparalleled Reliability

High strength aluminum, polycarbonate, and ABS come together to form the AUXPack's incredibly durable housing, protecting the delicate internal components from the extremes.

Integrated Bash Guards

The strap guides double as bash guards to protect the charge port when tipping the board sideways and allow for the use of carry accessories.


IP55 rated, the AUXPack gets all weather protection with waterproof connectors while internal gaps are displaced with resin to keep all moisture out. In the worst case scenario, the BMS and other circuitry are equipped with short circuit, current, and voltage protections.

Smart Battery Display

Super bright for outdoor visibility, and filled with real time info like battery status and voltage.

Power All Your Devices

Charge your mobile devices with the USB ports on the AUXPack, and power external peripherals with the DC output. Charge your AUXPack from 0-100% in 1.5 hours with 1000W Super Fast Charging.

Intelligent Battery Protection

Onboard Smart BMS.

One Kilowatt in a Box

Incredible Versatility
1000Wh = 1 kilowatt


- Capacity: 1037Wh
- Size: 390x320x240mm
- Weight: 25lbs
- 0 to 100% charge time: 1.5 hours (with 1000W fast charger)

What will be included with my order of the AUXPack?
- x1 Exway Atlas Pro AUXPack
- x1 Exway 120A Connector
- x1 Exway Ratcheting Strap
- x1 Exway Atlas Pro AUXPack Deck Cover
- x20 Screws M4*10
- x1 T20 Torx Wrench