10mm Ceramic Bearings Onsra

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69002RS Ceramic Hybrid 

22mm x 10mm x 6mm


In the Box:

8x 6900RS Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

4x Spacer 

4x Washer


10mm Axles

Wheel Bearings: Black Carve 3 (check your existing bearings for the correct size) 

Pulley Bearings: Any Belt Drive Boards (check your existing bearings for the correct size)

ONSRA CERAMICS are the perfect choice for electric skateboarders looking for a high-performance upgrade to their ride. Ceramic bearings are harder and more durable, allowing for less wear and tear over time. They also have a lower coefficient of friction, meaning they spin faster and more smoothly, providing a smoother ride. Additionally, ceramic bearings are more resistant to dirt and debris, making them ideal for outdoor riding. Upgrade to ONSRA Ceramic Bearings for a smoother, faster, and longer-lasting esk8ing experience.